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SRL Revolutionizes Interferometery Electron Density Interferometer
Plasma Thruster Gas-Fed Plasma Discharge Thruster
Interferometry Water Vapor Interferometer
Laser Diode Protection Ultra-compact, intelligent drivers for improving the performance and lifetime of efficient LDAs
High Power Laser Diode Test Facility Laser Diode Test Facility

Mission Areas

Homeland Security & Defense
Homeland Security & Defense

The technologies developed at SRL translate directly into products and solutions for the Warfighter

Critical Infrastructure Protection
Critical Infrastructure Protection

Advanced technologies to detect threats against targets of national interest and ensure continuity of operations in our National Defense

Energy, Climate, & Sustainability
Energy, Climate, & Sustainability

Fundamental developments in technology are key to ensuring the long term sustainability of our global society

Medical Devices
Medical Devices

Lasers are becoming increasingly critical to medical technologies from pulse monitoring to cancer surgery

Survivability & Vulnerability
Survivability & Vulnerability

Advancements in technology allow the United States to remain "mission capable" even after suffering an attack.


Science Research Laboratory (SRL) performs research and development for the federal government with the objective of developing commercial products.


SRL has commercialized several technologies that have been developed under SBIRs and other government funding. These technologies include an all solid-state pulsed power for driving DUV excimer laser, shock lines, intelligent drivers for laser diodes and sensitive interferometers capable of measuring very low absorption in gases and solids.

  • Soft X-Ray Sources for Next-Generation
  • Lithography
  • High Efficiency Thermal Management
  • High Energy Lasers for DoD
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Laser Isotope Separation
  • Optical Lithography
  • Interferometers
  • Missile Defense
  • Mid IR Lasers
  • IR Cameras
  • Dedicated Thermal Test Station
  • High-Power Laser Diodes
  • 800-watt, Soft X-ray Dense Plasma Pinch Point Source
  • Low Thermal Resistance Heat Sinks
  • Solid-State Pulsed Power for Excimer Lasers
  • Solid-State Powered Plasma Thruster
  • Optical Diagnostics
  • Direct-View IR Goggles
  • High Power Laser Diode Stacks
  • EUV Source, Next Gen Lithography
  • Measurement of Extremely Low Atmospheric Absorption
Latest News Release
SRL Announces Highest Efficiency Fiber Laser Pump Module

SRL Announces Highest Efficiency Fiber Laser Pump Module SRL has developed a critical defense-technology that enables deployment of high-energy lasers (HELs) on agile platforms such as aircraft, trucks and ships.

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