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SRL's Commercialization History

Science Research Laboratory has a long and distinguished history of commercialization which has been recognized by various Government organizations and recorded in Congressional testimony. Evidence of this recognition include:

  • Highest Commercial Achievement Index rating of 100% from the Department of Defense
  • SRL's outstanding commercialization successes was recently cited during a congressional hearing before the Subcommittee on Technology & Innovation by Mr. Jon Baron, Executive Director, Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy Council for Excellence in Government.  The text of the testimony can be viewed at:  Hearing on SBIR Program Reauthorization
  • The National Research Council, in response to a Congressional mandate, conducted a review of the SBIR program and SRL's outstanding commercialization record was presented as key evidence of the success of      the SBIR program. The report is available from The National Academies Press. An excerpt of the report by Jon Baron is provided below.

"As an example, he cited a DoD initiative led by Jacques Gansler to collect data whenever a company submitted a proposal for a new DoD SBIR proposal. The company would be asked to list all its previous Phase II awards, along with the sales, both commercial and DoD, that resulted from the awards and any additional investment the company had received.

When that initiative was started, the database revealed that one company had reported over a billion dollars in sales.

Officials were skeptical until they looked more closely and found that the company had in fact developed a new technology that increased the number of circuits on a computer chip by about 30 percent. The technology, which had been developed and licensed to another company to produce, was changing the state of the art in the industry and improving the computing power of virtually every commercial and defense system.

It was an enormous success, and yet no one at the SBIR office had known about Science Research Laboratory, Inc. (SRL) of Somerville, Massachusetts, which licensed the technology to Cymer, Inc." - Jon Barton