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Science Research Laboratory Develops Brightest and Most Powerful Laser Diode Bars and Spins-off Some

(MMD Newswire) June 16, 2010 -- What are the desirable laser characteristics for dual-use (commercial and military) applications?  According to Dr. Jonah Jacob, President of Science Research Laboratory (SRL), which has successfully developed and commercialized dual-use technology since 1983, industrial and military users want lasers with high power, high brightness, and high efficiency at a low price.  Under a DARPA SBIR, SRL has developed EPIC, a heat-sink with extraordinary heat-removal capacity (3kW/cm2) and a thermal resistance that is less than one third the state-of-the art micro-channel heat-sinks.

SRL is commercializing the EPIC technology by spinning off Somerville Laser Technology (SLT).  Taking advantage of the EPIC technology, SLT's initial product offering is the brightest and most powerful diode bars commercially available.  Attached to an EPIC heat-sink, the 20% fill-factor, 976nm bars deliver more than 140W, almost a factor of two higher than equivalent bars attached to higher thermal-resistance, conductively-cooled heat-sinks.  Because the bars have less than 1μm deviation from flatness, they can be easily collimated into a very uniform line source for pumping solid-state lasers and for plastic welding.  According to Dr. Aland Chin, a 30-year veteran of the laser-diode industry and the CEO of SLT, there are many more applications for a fiber-coupled laser-diode source.  SRL (srl.com) and SLT (slt-lasers.com) are jointly developing the highest-brightness, highest-efficiency fiber-coupled modules as fiber-laser pumps and for direct-diode material-processing systems.

SRL, Inc., with headquarters in Somerville, MA, is a technological company founded in 1983 that performs R&D for the federal government with the objective of commercializing technology.  Notable products include all solid-state pulsed power for driving deep UV excimer lasers, shock lines, intelligent drivers for laser diodes and sensitive interferometers capable of measuring very low absorption in gases and solids.

The approximate $40M investment made by various SBIR programs in SRL has produced products valued at over a billion dollars and created jobs for over 1000 employees.

For addition information, contact Dr. Aland K. Chin, Email: aland@slt-lasers.com, Tel: 508-868-7333.

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