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SRL Announces Highest Efficiency Fiber Laser Pump Module

Somerville, MA, March 15, 2015 –

Lightning has stuck twice in the same location!  The first strike at Science Research Laboratory (www.SRL.com) was in 2001.  SRL developed a unique, critical technology that increased the number of circuits on a computer chip by about 30 percent. This technology changed the state-of-the-art in the industry and improved the computing power of virtually every commercial and defense system. 

According to Dr. Jonah Jacob, president of SRL, the second disruptive technology created by SRL in 2015 is even more spectacular.  SRL has developed a critical defense-technology that enables deployment of high-energy lasers (HELs) on agile platforms such as aircraft, trucks and ships.  HELs must have low size, weight and waste power (SWaP) to fit on agile platforms.  The lower the SWaP - the higher the power of the HEL.  The efficiency of the HEL pump-module is the single most important specification since it ultimately determines the size of the power supply and refrigeration system.

SRL has created White Lightning, the state-of-the-art of fiber-coupled module that makes weapon-class HELs a reality.  White Lightning delivers more than 600W of scalable optical-power from a detachable, mode-stripped, cladding-mode-free fiber with a wall-plug efficiency exceeding 50%.  The module is compact and light weight. 

The development of White Lightning was supported by DARPA and is ITAR protected.

For further information on this exciting product, please contact Dr. Jonah Jacob at jjacob@srl.com or 617 547 1122.


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