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Soft X-Ray Sources for Next-Generation Lithography

SRL has developed two classes of soft X-ray source that produce at 1nm and 13nm radiation for Next Generation Lithography (NGL). These radiation sources are based on dense plasma focus technology.

The 1 nm radiation source produces up to 800 Watts of X-ray power (into 4p steradians). It is based on an all-solid-state driver design that produced up to 300 kA peak current in the plasma pinch to generate the high temperature plasma necessary for X-ray production.

The SRL X-ray source has been delivered and installed in BAE Systems Microelectronics Fabrication Facility in Nashua, NH, and is being used to develop new types of MMIC circuits and radiation-hardened memory circuits.

SRL has also developed lower power dense plasma sources for 13 nm extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation sources. This technology is based on a lithium discharge, and has been successfully demonstrated in the laboratory. The prototype EUV source shown below produces 10W of 13 nm radiation into 4p steradians. This technology is scalable to the kilowatt power level.

An image of a z-pinch