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Science Research laboratory has had a focus in laser research for over the last decade. Through research primarily funded by DARPA, SRL has set record laser diode; brightness, power output, power conversion efficiency (PCE), and operational longevity. The programs that our work is conducted under and these records set within have contributed to the advancement of the high energy laser field of study. We have advanced core photonics principals through the development of ultra-long cavity diodes, new die designs, new thermal management approaches, and laser diode stack assembly methodologies. SRL’s talented group of scientists and engineers, having a broad technical base, have taken a bottom-up approach to laser diode system assessment and developed new advancements in laser diode subsystem components.

Core Enabling Technologies

  •  Dies – kW/bar Capable
    • Demonstrated 83% PCE
    • LD bars with 5X SOH higher power
    • Demonstrated >17W/emitter
  •  Bonding- Low Temperature Diffusion Bonding
    • Eliminates CTE mismatch
    • Improves “smile” to < 1µm
  • Thermal Management- Enhanced Performance Impingement Coolers  (EPIC)
    • Low Rth cooler (Rth < 25 mK-cm2 /W )
    • Low slow axis divergence

System Delivery

“SRL has delivered complete HEL systems to partnered organizations.”