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Small Business Innovative Research

The SBIR program funds small firms that are creative and develop innovative technologies, to be commercialized by the company or in collaboration with others. SRL has proposed technology programs to the government when it has found that the government's interest in developing technology coincides with SRL's interest in developing a commercially competitive product.

The investment made by the SBIR program in SRL have been extremely successful. To date, the total government investment in SRL, through the SBIR system, has been approximately $50 million. In return for this investment, the products that have been sold over that same period of time has yielded well over a billion dollars, and the resulting job creation has been over 1000 employees.

SRL has a world-class competence in solid-state pulsed drivers, electron beams, lithographic sources, optical metrology, pulsed-electric-field (PEF) technology and stem-cell-isolation technology. Investment by SBIRs and private developers will continuously advance the leading edge of these technologies. No competition is likely in these areas until SRL's patents expire in 2023. The surrounding patents should protect the core technology for two decades and beyond.