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SRL occupies a 25,000 square-foot, fully equipped research laboratory in Somerville, MA. In addition to its office space and conference rooms, the facility includes a laser/optics laboratory, laser diode laboratory, thermal test stations, a machine shop, an electronics shop, and a mechanical-design department. SRL is equipped with standard software packages that include; Solid Works, AutoCAD, MATLAB, MathCAD, Zemax, COSMOS, CFD-CADalyser, NI LabVIEW, WaveMetrics IGOR, and Origin. The facility has a comprehensive computer network for data acquisition and analysis, and a separate set of systems for automated operation of the experimental facilities. The dedicated optical systems development laboratory has; vibration-isolated optical benches, separate, filtered air clean rooms with acoustic isolation, and precision measurement tools for optical fabrication. There is diagnostic equipment available to measure laser and optical radiation, high-voltage discharge waveforms with nanosecond resolution, documentation tools such as TE-cooled high speed digital cameras and micron accuracy measurement tools. Supporting the facility there is a fully equipped machine shop (milling, lathes, welding machines etc.), full stockroom, vacuum equipment, gas supply equipment, and an 18 ton high purity instrument chiller loop.

In House Software Packages

System Modeling

  • System Modeler, Mathematica

Design and Analysis

  • Cadalyzer, CFD-ACE
  • Solid Works, FEA package, 3D FEA structural, Flow, Heat Solver
  • Fluent, Ansys

Analytical Modeling

  • FlexPDE, PDE Solutions
  • Comsol FEA
  • TAS
  • MathCad


  • Zemax
  • Cosmos

Data Logging

  • LabVIEW
  • Origin

Laser Diode Test Facility

SRL has developed a laser diode test laboratory for evaluating the performance and reliability of high power laser diode bars and arrays. The test facility is fully computer-instrumented and operates 24/7.  The test facility data logs a host of diode parameters that include: optical power, optical spectra, diode voltage and current, temperature, water flow. The facility also monitors any laser diode instabilities that can be correlated to laser diode failure events. SRL is testing and evaluating laser diode designs for both the US government and private industry.


SRL has built a variety of workstations serving specific tasks and having the following capabilities:

  • life tests of laser diodes and laser diode bars
  • optical and electrical characteristics of LDs
  • LD stress testing
  • thermal impedance measurements
  • high-power laser diode bar diagnostics
  • in-situ monitoring of near-field and far-field optical intensity distribution
  • observations and hi-speed recording of COD propagation
  • real-time monitoring of emission spectra of individual emitters of LD bars.

Computer control and data acquisition for all workstations is done using custom-built software on LabVIEW platform. Most of the measurements are automated, and data is recorded for any post processing and documentation.